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Mouse and Mice

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  • The mouse
  • In modern times, mice plagues are becoming more and more acute in urbanized areas, as the Algarve has become one as well over the recent years. This is due to the fact that mice no longer have any natural enemies in our modern residential areas, and is also favored by the affluent society in which we nowaday live and its permanent supply of wastes, which are attractive to many pests. In addition, today's method of building construction with its numerous shaft systems and cavities creates the ideal conditions for a rapid and wide spread of mice and rats as well as other pests.

  • Way of living
  • A mouse prefers dryness. Changing weather influences or an existing supply of food motivate mice to enter buildings. They are excellent climbers and can overcome great heights in continuous forward motion with the help of their scaly tail. As they are rodents, they can also create their own passageways, if necessary, and thus move within buildings almost unhindered. With 4 to 6 litters per year, each of 4 to 8 youngsters, a mouse population can grow rapidly. Although they prefer herbal food, mice also consume carnivorous food from the surrounding environment and can adapt themselves as necessary.

    mice treatment algarve

  • Hazards
  • Mice are potential disease carriers for, for example, trichinosis, hepatitis or salmonella. It is problematic that they are very bladder weak and constantly drain their urine. They also drop their excrements uncontrolled in their immediate environment and thus contaminate the environment of their nesting sites. They can also cause irreparable material damage like short circuits on electric cables, because they have their gnawing instinct and the cables surface contains softened plasticizers (which taste sweet). Such damage can become very cost intensive since the damage points are generally difficult to access and some special repair openings have to be created. Other traces of gnawing at materials and objects often represent a considerable damage, too. Early action in response to the first infestation indications can therefore limit damage and costs and avoid unnecessary anger.

    How to to fight or avoid an infestation of mice

  • Integrated pest control
  • Our company practices "integrated pest control" here in the Algarve, which means the gradual, targeted use of methods gentle for the health of our customer. Due to the application of appropriate baits or the installation of special bait boxes, a problem is reliably remedied. Drains, cavities and other areas of spreading mice are taken into account in order to confront the rodents with the baits in as many places as possible. In this context, discretion is for us also an important factor (e.g. in the form of neutral service vehicles) as well as reliability and a final documentation according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) if desired or required (e.g. in hotels or restaurants).

    Equipping a bait box for a rodent control - mice extermination:

    bait box against mice algarve mice control algarve mouse and mice algarve
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