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Cockroaches: Infestation and Control

An infestation of cockroaches begins by the carrying off from the outside. Here, modern traffic of goods plays an important role, because almost everywhere, where goods are delivered, cockroaches reach new distribution sites. Potential transport means for cockroaches are boxes, packages and bags as well as other containers. In Central Europe, the following species of cockroach occur mainly: German cockroach (Blattela germanica), oriental cockroach (Blattela orientalis), American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) and brown cockroach (Supella longipalpa).

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Cockroaches prefer the darkness. They spend most of their lives protected in cavities such as drains, inspection shafts, wall columns or the like and leave these places only in their search for food and water. Cockroaches need four key elements to survive: heat, shelter, food and water. The German cockroach needs higher temperatures and lives almost exclusively inside buildings. The Oriental cockroach is also at home outdoors. While the male cockroaches actively seek food for most days and nights, the female animals go in search of food much less frequently. The females can survive for about 45 days without food - provided they have access to water. Even young larvae relatively rarely go looking for food. Cockroaches form populations where the four above-mentioned prerequisites for their survival are given. They rarely move farther than a few yards from their peers to seek water and food unless there is an overpopulation in their favorite places. The Oriental cockroach usually lays longer distances in search of food than its German counterpart.

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Inside buildings cockroaches use a wide network of supply ducts, cable channels and cavities to spread. As many other species of pests, cockroaches have the natural ambition to expand and - without any countermeasures - a building is completely infested after a short time. Cockroaches eat everything. They eat high quality foods as well as leftovers from the day before or waste. They can even survive in places without food where they live on microorganisms, fatty deposits or similar materials. Cockroaches are potential carriers of diseases and infections. With their bodies they catch bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, which they get rid of on their paths. As nocturnal insects they move in areas at night where we as humans demand the highest level of hygiene.

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Cockroaches prefer temperatures above 20ÂșC or higher in their habitat. They lay their brood in egg packets. These are worn by the dam for a certain time, supplied and then discarded. Thereafter, the egg package matures on its own. The shell of the egg packet is coated with a chitinous substance and therefore impermeable to liquid insecticides. The number of eggs in the egg packet and their ripening time vary according to the type of cockroach: German cockroach: 20 - 30 eggs per egg packet and hatching of the larvae after 4 - 6 weeks; Oriental cockroach: about 16 eggs per eggpack and hatching of the larvae after 12 weeks; Brown cockroach: approx. 18 eggs per egg packet and hatching of the larvae after 6 - 8 weeks.

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In apartments or other kinds of buildings special attention should be paid to the potential migration paths of cockroaches: Drain pipes (washing machine, dishwasher, sink etc.), regarding washing machine and dishwasher: in particular the space between pipe and hose.

All other unnecessary openings should be sealed, for example with silicone. Ventilation shafts (such as in bathrooms): ventilation openings should be equipped on the inside with fly screens. Possibly existing gaps under and alongside the entrance door should be closed or covered, for example with thermal insulation tape.


Our company practices "integrated pest control", which means gradual and targeted application of gentle means and methods for the well-being of our customers. Among other things, we successfully use the modern gel technology with its advantages, which means that there is no indoor air pollution with insecticidal fumes.

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