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algarve treatment against wasps

  • Wasps and their nests
  • To be stung by wasps is unpleasant and can lead to complications for allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, in most cases the elimination of a wasp nest is the most efficient form to minimize this risk. An increased number of wasps in your own house or garden can be an indication for the presence of a wasp nest - just there or in the immediate environment. For the construction of their nest, wasps use all kinds of cavities, whether they are close to the ground, in walls or roofs or - as has often been in the Algarve - in supply boxes for electricity or water. In the spring, the wasps begin raising the larvae. By observing the flight paths of the wasps, it is usually possible to find out where their nest is. This is easier in the summer when the number of adult animals increases. When wasps sting - preferably in the hot monthes of the year – they do so because they feel threatened and want to defend themselves and their nest.

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  • How to avoid wasps
  • There are useful behaviors to avoid an increased number of wasps in our own environment, what means in our house or garden. For example, trash cans should always have a lid, remain closed and clean and placed at some distance from doors and windows. Likewise, unclosed beverages in bottles or cans can animate wasps to enter them. Also food residues on dishes or tables, especially in the outside, can be a tempting target for wasps.

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