Treatments against the Red Palm Weevil in the Algarve

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Signs of an infestation by the Red Palm Weevil and methods of combating

Green leaves hanging down

signs of infested palm trees

Eaten leaves

signs of infestation by the red palm weevil in the algarve

Red Palm Weevil:

red palm weevil algarve

...and its larvae:

larvae of the red palm weevil algarve palm treatments algarve

The Red Palm Weevil

The Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Red Palm Weevil) is an about 3.5cm long, reddish-brown beetle (Coleoptera) from the family of the weevils (Curculionidae), originally coming from Southeast Asia. He was deported in 1994 to Spain and the Canary Islands by the export of plants and can be found now in other Mediterranean countries, as in France or Italy for example. The Red Palm Weevil has various and numerous host plants. Here in Portugal, it is primarily palms and among these especially the Phoenix canariensis, which are preferred infested by him. The Phoenix canariensis is a feather palm that can reach a height of up to 15m and its original home are the Canary Islands. The infestation of other palm species such as the Phoenix dactylifera or the Washingtona robusta has been reported rarely in Portugal.

The Red Palm Weevil can cause considerable damage to an infested palm tree. Usually the female drills a whole for each egg in the crown area of the host plant. Even wounds in the root area are a preferred storage location for those egg. Rarely is the attack via the root system (eg in the Phoenix dactylifera), in which the eggs are deposited nest-like. After hatching, the larvae, which are in full-blown state about 5cm long and 2cm wide, drill inside the palm and eat there, starting from the top drilling meter long passages in the trunk of their host plant. The entire crown area is decomposed in succession through the feeding activity. As an outward sign seemingly healthy palm fronds break off from the middle of the crown region.

Combat against the Red Palm Weevil

Because of the “importation” of the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus from Asia to Europe, the weevil does not encounter any of his natural enemies (although there have been attempts to settle those antagonists as a countermeasure for his unhindered spread in the Algarve). As an appropriate and financially reasonable palm protection the use of systemic insecticides for plant protection is advised in the Algarve at this moment. Curative treatments or preventive measures in order to combat or prevent an infestation of the Red Palm Weevil can be carried out. Official institutions in Portugal call for a fight against the Palm Weevil as well.

Some carefully treated and finally saved palm trees:

company treating palm trees in the algarve

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus: Signs of an infestation

pest control company algarve treating palm trees

Treatment against the red palm weevil

palm protection algarve

First treatments

palm treatments against the red palm weevil algarve

New leaves start growing

palm treatment portugal

Finally saved palm tree

More palm trees...

successfully saved palm trees algarve growing palm trees after treatment palm trees after successful treatment against the red palm weevil infested palm trees in the algarve infested palms algarve

Some saved palm trees: